Our Products
  1. Drip Cakes
    Drip Cakes
    Drip cakes are all the craze at the moment and it is easy to see why, it adds that little bit more to each cake.
  2. Fresh flowers
    Fresh flowers
    Fresh flowers on any cake is an absolute show stopper. Choose from any seasonal flower and have your creation topped with these babies.
  3. Cake Toppers
    Cake Toppers
    Create any style of cake topper personalised for any occasion
  4. Gold Leaf
    Gold Leaf
    Add this elegant touch to any cake to make it that more special.
  5. Wedding Cake
    Wedding Cake
    Don't stop at one tier, add two, the, or four more to make your cake stand out.
  6. Embossed Sugar Cookies
    Embossed Sugar Cookies
    These personalised embossed sugar cookies are fantastic for wedding favours, placecards, baby showers, birthdays and more
  7. Cupcakes
    Cupcakes make any occasion just that bit more fun.
  8. Kids Birthday Cakes
    Kids Birthday Cakes
    Send me your vision and I can create something unique for your little ones special day
  9. Loaded Cakes
    Loaded Cakes
  10. Wedding Cakes
    Wedding Cakes
  11. Textred Cake
    Textred Cake
    This textured look is so different to the standard smoothed buttercream, can be done in any colour.
  12. Baby Shower Cake
    Baby Shower Cake
  13. Semi Naked
    Semi Naked
  14. Loaded Cake
    Loaded Cake
  15. 2 Tier Cake
    2 Tier Cake
  16. Loaded Cake
    Loaded Cake
  17. Multicoloured cake
    Multicoloured cake
  18. Kids Army Cake
    Kids Army Cake
  19. Drip Cake
    Drip Cake
  20. Drip Cake
    Drip Cake
  21. Kids Troll Cake
    Kids Troll Cake
  22. Square Cakes
    Square Cakes
  23. Semi Naked, Fresh flowers
    Semi Naked, Fresh flowers
  24. Woodland Animal
    Woodland Animal
  25. Gold theme
    Gold theme
  26. Kids Cookie Cake
    Kids Cookie Cake
  27. Simple Birthday Cake
    Simple Birthday Cake
  28. Loaded Birthday Cake
    Loaded Birthday Cake
  29. Mermaid Fondant Cake
    Mermaid Fondant Cake
  30. Textured Swirl
    Textured Swirl
  31. Marbled Sugar Cookies
    Marbled Sugar Cookies
  32. Naked Wedding Cake
    Naked Wedding Cake
  33. Kids Cakes
    Kids Cakes


Single Tier

3 Tier


6" round - 15 people
From $80

8" Round - 30 people
From $110

10" Round - 60 People
From $140
10", 8" & 6" - 90 -120 people
From $180
Mini $2 Each

Stadard $2.50 Each

Sugar Cookies


2" $2.00 Each
3" $2.50 Each

Placecard Cookies $3.50 Each
Assorted Chocolates
Fresh Flowers
Gold Leaf

2 Tier

50 - 80 people
From $155